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NEOCHROM LTD with its 46 years of experience in building materials and decorative coatings, provides you with more than 100 different specialised products. We have developed and enriched the gamut of our products, as part of our obligation to better serve our customers. Our products are certified with the ISO 9001 TUV NORD and compliant with European standards (CE).

Our factory is located in Limassol, at the Agia Irini area, in a privately-owned space of 15000sq.m, with more than 5000sq.m of covered areas. Our headquarters are located at the factory and the showroom is at 41 Nikou Pattichi Street, Limassol.

The gamut of products includes the entire range in variety and quality of building materials. NEOCHROM gives a lot of importance in the research and development of new products, but also in the development and improvement of the existing ones, and pioneers in creating hybrid epoxy polyurethane and permeable materials.

The company has proceeded with the modernisation of all aspects of its technological equipment with systems that exceed the current quality, safety and environmental protection requirements (ISO 9001, ISO14001, CE).

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Specialized Products
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The company started in 1972 under the name A&K Decorative Coatings. This small, family-run business that was created for providing a living, was dealing with the production and placement of decorative coatings.

A pivotal point in its course, were the events of 1974 and the construction boom that they brought to the city of Limassol. In its efforts to cover the high demand that emerged, the company created the first small mixers, replacing manual kneading, hired staff and improved its quality, resulting in a sharp increase in its production.

In the 80’s decade, it innovated by being the first to import neograffiato in the Cypriot market, as well as a thick filler and the cement graffiato. Its operation expanded and it undertook the exclusive supply of all bathroom stores in Limassol, of several around Cyprus and of most of the construction companies all over Cyprus.

The company gained a leading advantage because its raw material, the calcium carbonate, was being purchased from quarries in Cyprus and was ground in privately owned mills. This made it competitive, since the other companies in the industry were buying their raw material from Neochrom.

In 2004, with the accession of Cyprus in the European Union, the company became fully automated, it expanded its range of products, it was certified with all necessary standards, it set up a group of companies and it developed its exporting activity.

The great success of this pioneering group lies in the fact that its founder, Mr. Alekos Konstantinou, was always together with the crews at the building sites, observing the needs first hand and developing his own high quality ingredient materials, to satisfy exactly those needs. Some of them are exclusive patents of the company and cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, Neochrom is the only company in this field that manufactures and installs its products, with its own crews of highly trained craftsmen, ready to undertake even the most demanding applications. 


Neochrom’s facilities are in Limassol and include a factory on the Limassol-Platres road and a showroom in the city centre. Our state-of-the-art factory occupies an area of 14,000m2, of which 6,000m2 are covered.

It is equipped according to the needs of the Cypriot market, has a large number of specialised machinery, and it is fully automated with state-of-the-art equipment that use cutting edge technology.


It houses the production and research department and the laboratory, the marketing and sales departments, the accounting department and the machine shop where the equipment are manufactured and maintained.


Neochrom’s showrooms are designed to better serve the general public, by showcasing the company’s wide range of products and systems and by providing consultation on each customer’s specific needs.


Our company has been operating in the construction industry for 46 years, offering you top quality decorative coatings, insulating materials and other materials capable of ensuring a smooth process of any building work.

All the above are guaranteed by the ISO9001 TUV NORD certifications and by the harmonization with the European standard (CE).

The emphasis given to quality is key to Neochrom. That is why the raw materials it uses are of the highest standards, its products come from technologically advanced production processes and are subject to strict quality controls.

Neochrom has been accredited with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system for its efficient production processes, with the CE CYS EN: 998-1 for the quality of its decorative coatings, with the CE CYS EN: 998-2 for the quality of repair materials and with the CE CYS EN: 1204 for the quality of its adhesive materials.

Research and Development

The Department of Research and Development follows the market closely and records the needs that arise in the field of construction, international trends and technological developments in the field, techniques and styles, as well as new, eco-friendly materials with improved specifications.

In this light, new products are created that are always tailored to the needs of the Cypriot market. New materials are manufactured, undergo thorough quality control procedures and then samples are created, which are distributed at the construction sites by Neochrom’s crews.

Thereafter, training seminars are organised to educate the staff about new materials at a theoretical and practical level, their specifications and the application methods. Seminars are also organised for presenting the latest developments to professionals in the field as well as to company partners.

Environmental Responsibility

The company is certified with the ISO: 14001 which refers to the protection of the environment and it works closely with Green Dot Cyprus.