Lightweight Concrete, Polystyrene Concrete Installation


It is a cellular cement mortar with countless air bubbles trapped in its mass, which independently function as a “thermos” and prevent the transfer of sound and temperature, specifically by absorbing the sound and blocking temperature in the bubbles.


The cement is mixed with water, in a specialized ensemble of machinery, together with a catalyst in predetermined quantity, which, with a tensile method, creates a cellular-type capturing of bubbles in the pre-measured liquid cement mix. A very lightweight foamy cement mass mix is thereafter transported at the construction site to cover all the required needs and it is applied with a specialized pump and flexible piping.


As with all cement mortars, strength is a function of density, reaching maximum hardness as it is the case with all forms of cement that is laid.


Lightweight concrete encapsulates countless small bubbles that prevent the transfer of heat and cold.

Depending on the needs and the specific features of the area, the appropriate density is chosen that will cover the cubic weight requirements.


The use of the detailed and refined method of cement expansion, with the latest technology machinery, allows its application on roofs and creates excellent slopes for the drainage of rainwater. Its tensile strength, on the other hand is ideal for any final coating.

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent sound insulation
  • Energy savings for heating and air conditioning
  • Fire resistance
  • Earthquake resistance


A mixture of recycled virgin granules of Expanded Polystyrene with particle distribution (3-8mm) mixed with a specialty admixture that gives it the perfect ability for mixing with water, or cement and sand if required. It eliminates the phenomenon of floating granules and ensures their smooth distribution in the mixture.

The EPS granules are toxic. The do not contain CFC & HCFC or any ingredients that promote the growth of fungi or bacteria.

This material was created to cover any floor surface or roof, before the application of tiles, bitumen sheets or other types of insulation.

It has the capability to cover all the cavities and defects that were created during the building construction.