Neochrom’s insulation systems can be applied on new as well as on existing residences, providing maximum insulation and optimal roof waterproofing.

They protect roofs from natural, biological, structural and thermal stresses that they undergo, as well as from crushing that leads to defects. They also facilitate the easy and reliable draining of rainwater. 

Their application strengthens the waterproofing and structural systems of the building, which fluctuate by the variations in heat and cold on the surface of the roof, as well as from the variation of the interior and exterior temperature, which are factors that cause harmful deformations on the building’s structural material.

Neochrom offers appropriate systems and products suitable to your needs, always at the most reasonable prices.

Our expert consultants visit your premises free of charge, give you an estimate of the damages and guide you in selecting the ideal solution for maximum protection from weather conditions and thermal loss.

The 1st system provides excellent thermal and sound insulation. Each material in this system plays a unique role and they all work perfectly together as a system. Neowater Stop is a strong two-component insulation that provides maximum protection to the roof against all forms of stresses. Extruded polystyrene is installed afterwards which, in this system, acts as the insulation material.

The 2nd system provides excellent waterproofing and partial thermal insulation. Neowater Stop is a strong two-component insulation that protects the roof from humidity and from UV rays. The lightweight cement is used to give a slope and provide further sound and thermal insulation to the roof. The lightweight cement is applied to protect the bitumen membrane, which is applied in two layers and provides good waterproofing.