Adhesive Products

Granite Glue Black & White

Extra Strong Granite and Stone Glue
granite glue

GRANITE GLUE BLACK & WHITE is an extra strong powder-form glue for granite and every type of stone, made with selected inert material. Its high content in resin, gives this product important…

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Flexikol Black & White

Strong Resin Tiles, Ceramic Tiles and ground Glue

FLEXIKOL BLACK & WHITE is a specially formulated powder-form glue with selected inert material, with fixed particle size distribution and high-quality hydraulic substance. It contains special polymers that…

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Superfix-A2 Black & White

Tile and Ceramic Strong Glue

SUPERFIX A2 BLACK & WHITE is a cement-based powder-form tile glue. It contains resins and inert admixtures. It is ready to use once mixed with clean water and it can be used to glue tiles and ceramics on a coated or…

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Superfix-A Black & White

Tile Glue
superfix a

SUPERFIX Α BLACK & WHITE is a cement-based powder-form tile glue. It contains an adhesive polymer resin ingredient and inert admixtures. It is ready to use once mixed with clean water and it can…

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Neofix Black & White

Standard Tile and Ceramic Glue
neofix black and white

NEOFIX BLACK & WHITE is a standard cement-based powder-form tile glue. It is ready to use once mixed with clean water and it can be used to glue tiles and ceramics, on a coated or concrete surface…

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Thermoglue Black

High Temperatures Resistant Glue

THERMOGLUE BLACK is a specially formulated powder-form glue with inert admixtures. It consists of special specifications cement. It is ideal for gluing in high-temperature areas.

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Neogypsum Glue White

Plaster Board Glue
neogypsum glue

NEOGYPSUM GLUE WHITE is a special, powder-form, plaster glue used for attaching plaster boards to walls (brick or concrete). It is also used to glue tiles and baseboards (wall skirting) on plasterboards…

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Super Fast Black & White

Fast Drying Glue

SUPER FAST BLACK & WHITE is a specially formulated powder-form fast drying glue containing selected inert material, with fixed particle size distribution and a super quality hydraulic substance.

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Polyster Glue & Plaster Black & White

Silicone Cement Form Glue-Spatoula
Polyster glue

POLYSTER GLUE AND PLASTER BLACK & WHITE is cement powder-form glue used for adhesion and surface preparation with insulative expanded or extruded polystyrene sheets.

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Paste-Form Adhesive Material

ARMOFILL is a special copolymer emulsion-based paste and it is used as an adhesive. It is strong on a wide range of roducts which makes it ideal for gluing granite, marble and sanitary fixtures…

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Glass Fix

Acrylic Glue for Glass Blocks
glass fix

GLASS FIX is a specialty mortar for glass blocks. It is made of high specification cement, with selected fixed grain distribution inert material. It is suitable for outdoor and indoor…

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Liquid Porcelain Glue

CERAMCOL is a ready to use paste-form glue. It offers high adhesive power and due to its high elasticity, it is durable to shocks, vibrations and contractions – expansions.

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Furnishing Glue

NEOSTIK-E is an oxide-vinyl copolymer-based glue, specially formulated for the secure adhesion of wood and melamine sheets.

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