Tile and Marble Grouts

Neokol Fine

Acrylic Tile Grout for Indoor and Outdoor

NEOKOL FINE is a fine particle size distribution tiles’ and granites’ grout and a mixture of specialty acrylic resin, inert admixtures and high endurance cement. It has high adhesiveness, it is water and sun resistant and it endures vibrations and it does not crack.

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Neokol Coarse

Tile, Stone, Pavement Coarse Graom Grout
neokol coarse

NEOKOL COARSE is a cement-based grout. It is mainly used to grout stones, pavements and pavement curbs. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas, on both walls and floors. It is highly adhesive, it offers elasticity and ensures colour uniformity, does not stain easily and it is durable.

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Neokol for Pool

Tile and Pebble Grout
neokol fo pool

NEOKOL FOR POOL NEOKOL FOR POOL is a fine grain distribution tiles’ and pebbles’ grout and a mixture of specialty acrylic resin, inert admixtures and high endurance cement. It has high adhesiveness, it is water and sun resistant and it endures vibrations and it…

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Neokol Extra Fine

Extra Fine Tile and Granite Grout
neokol extra fine

NEOKOL EXTRA FINE is an extra fine grain tile grout for outdoor and indoor use. It is ideal for grouting where extra smooth high adhesiveness grout is needed (marble and tiles). It is highly elastic and has a unique adhesiveness, offers zero contraction and  high colour consistency.

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Neokol Antique

Permeable Grout for Renovationg Building

NEOKOL ANTIQUE is a reinforced acrylic grout material for slabs and natural stones. It is consisted of selected inert materials of consistent particle size grading, high endurance cement and high hydrophobic compounds that make the product waterproof. It does not contain sea-sand and is saltsfree.

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