Neoepoxy Primer

Two-Component Water-Based Epoxy Primer
neoepoxy primer

NEOEPOXY PRIMER is a high-quality two-component epoxy water-based primer. It can be applied on factory floors, shops, parking lots, warehouses, laboratories, petrol stations, garages etc.

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Acrylic Primer
neo primer

NEOPRIMER is a specialty acrylic emulsion- based primer and it is mainly used to improve weak areas of loose surfaces prior to painting. It has excellent adhesive capabilities.

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Neostrong Primer

Anti-Alkali Primer
neostrong primer

NEOSTRONG PRIMER is a specialty acrylic emulsion-based anti-alkali primer. It has an excellent adhesive capability and is resistant to concrete alkali which is also the main factor of colour alteration.

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Neosand Primer

Coloured Acrylic Primer
neosand primer

NEOSAND PRIMER is a ready-to-use industrial specialty emulsion- based primer. Its synthetic resin and inert quartz compounds provide important properties such as excellent adhesive capabilities to fare face or low absorption substrates.

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