Neoacrylic Paint

100% Acrylic Paint
Neoacrylic Paint - 100% Acrylic Paint

NEOACRYLIC PAINT is an indoor and outdoor acrylic paint with a pure acrylic resin base. It contains a special emulsion that gives this product characteristics such as resistance to severe weather conditions, air pollution, concrete alkalis and aging.

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Genelastic Paint

All Substrates Elastic and Filling Capillary Cracks Paint

GENELASTIC PAINT is an elastic paint with high contents of acrylic resins that give to the product its high adhesive properties and elasticity, high UV and humidity resistance, excellent fluidness and high coverage. The product’s advantage is that it can be applied on any substrate…

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Neosilk Paint

Luxury Acrylic Paint – Silk Effect

NEOSILK PAINT is a high-quality water- based paint, with a silky and luxurious texture. It is distinguished for its exquisitely smooth finish. It is ideal for outdoor or indoor use on cement coated surfaces, plaster, cement, plasterboards and wood.

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Elastic Acrylic Colour

UNIPAINT is a outdoor and indoor use acrylic colour with a special acrylic resin base. It contains a special emulsion which gives this product characteristics such as water and concrete alkali resistance.

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Eco Paint

Environmental Friendly Paint

ECO PAINT is an environmentally friendly, plastic, indoor use paint, specially formulated for people sensitive to chemicals. It is used in children’s rooms, hospitals, retirement homes and in general where a …

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Acrylic Paint with Quartz Sand

SANDPAINT is a high-quality, copolymer emulsion based acrylic paint, that contains quartz sand and it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It has high sun and humidity durability and it is resistant to plaster salts.

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Neopaint Nex

Plastic Colour for both outdoor and Indoor use
neopaint inex

NEOPAINT INEX is a high quality, polymer emulsion and special resin-based plastic paint for indoor and outdoor use. It is easy to use and suitable for concrete, plaster, brick, tile, or cement coated walls.

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Nex Paint

Outdoor and Indoor Acrylic Paint
nex paint

NEX PAINT is an acrylic resin – based paint suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Due to its special emulsion, it has high adhesion, it is resistant to extreme weather conditions, to air pollution, to concrete alkali…

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Alecide Paint

Fungicide Paint

ALECIDE PAINT is a special copolymer emulsion-based, fungicide paint. It is recommended for ceilings and walls with a tendency in developing fungi or bacteria (or already infested black walls). 

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Neopaint Standard

Standard Paint for Indoor use
neopaint standard

NEOPAINT STANDARD is a vinyl emulsion and inert admixtures based high-quality standard paint for indoor use. It is easy to apply. It is used on plaster or cement coated surfaces.

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Close Paint

Indoor and Outdoor use Rough Coating’s Paint
close paint

CLOSE PAINT is a vinyl emulsion-based paint with inert admixtures for indoor use. It is a low-cost paint used for plaster or cement coated surfaces. Due to its low cost it can be used on walls whose colour is frequently changed.

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Neotex Paint

Indoor & Outdoor use Rough Coating’s Paint

NEOTEX PAINT is a low-cost indoor use paint, also suitable for painting outdoor coatings. It is emulsion compound -based with inert admixtures. It is used for painting plaster, cement coating surfaces such as…

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Renov T.C.

Acrylic Coating Paint for Rough Surfaces

RENOV T.C. is a thick outdoor and indoor use paint, specially formulated for repairing minor wear on coatings (like rafiato), providing protection, a renewed look and longer life. It is easy to apply and gives an attractive finish.

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Neofloor Epoxy Paint

Two Component Water-Based Epoxy Paint
Neofloor Epoxy paint

NEOFLOOR EPOXY PAINT is a high-quality, two component, water-based epoxy paint. It has increased durability to mechanical loads, acids, alkalis, oil products as well as to mild chemical load…

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Neofloor Acrylic Polyurethane Paint

Hybrid Floor Paint
neofloor acrylic paint

NEOFLOOR ACRYLIC POLYURETHANE PAINT is a hybrid acrylic and polyurethane resins -based paint which provide the product high resistance to mechanical loads. It can be applied on metal surfaces (not oxidised)…

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Neoroad Paint

Hybrid Paint for Roads
neoroad paint

NEOROAD PAINT is a hybrid floor paint acrylic and polyurethane resins based that provide the product with high resistance to mechanical loads and abrasion. It is also high resistant to cleaning products and to a variety of mild chemicals.

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Neomax Paint

Permeable Acrylic Paint
neomax paint

NEOMAX PAINT is a high quality permeable paint that can be applied both outdoor and indoor and it is based on copolymer emulsion and specialty resins. The paint is permeable which results in longer lifetime and the prevention of moulding spots.

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