Special Mortars

Neotherm Polymer

Light Heat-Proofing Cement based Material
neotherm polymer

NEOTHERM POLYMER is a light heat-proofing cement-based material that contains special polymer resins and waterproofing substances. It can be used for gap filling, roof-sloping both indoors and outdoors. 

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Neotherm CEM

Ready to use Thermal Insulation Plaster
neotherm cem

NEOTHERM CEM is a cement based thermal insulation plaster. It contains fixed particle size distribution expanded polystyrene beads which offers excellent thermal and sound insulation…

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Neotherm CEM Floor

Cement Based Material for Floor Creation
neotherm cem floor

NEOTHERM CEM FOR FLOOR is a cement-based material used for floor creation. It contains mixed particle size distribution expanded polystyrene beads which offers excellent thermal and sound insulation…

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Neotherm Perl

Heat Insulating Perlite based Plaster
neotherm perl

NEOTHERM PERL provides a large range of choices in the domain of bioclimatic and energy consumption architectural designing. It contains perlite which provides an excellent heat…

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Neobeton Ready

Ready to use Concrete
neobeton ready

NEOBETON READY is cement-based concrete with fibres, mixed grain distribution sand and other admixtures. It can be used for surface reparation and for a small number of square meters…

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Neoconcrete Leveling

Self Leveling Concrete
Neoconcrete leveling

NEOCONCRETE LEVELING is a ready to use, self-levelling, concrete. It is based on cement, specialty polymer resins and other regulator compounds and solidification improving compounds.

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Plaster – Mortar

NEOCEM (Mortar) is a general use mortar and it is manufactured based on cement, lime, and sand with a mixed particle size
distribution. It substitutes the conventional mortars that need to be prepared on location.

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High Temperature Resistant Mortar

FIRECEM (mortar) is a cement mortar that can be used on areas exposed to high temperatures. It is manufactured with a specialty cement-based to resist high temperatures and with quartz sand if mixed particle size distribution. Main domains…

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Neofast CEM

Fast Drying Repairing Plaster
neofast cem

NEOFAST CEM is a fast-drying cement-based repairing material. It contains fibres, specialty polymer adhesive material in a powder form and various inert admixtures with mixed particle size distribution. It can be used both…

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Specialty Cement Mortar for Roofs

KERACEM is a new material, specially formulated and manufactured by NEOCHROM. It has been created to solve the specific problems on roof tiles, the corner edged of the buildings between…

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Neoprotect A&B

Two Component Repair Material

ΝΕΟPROTECT A&B is a two-component repair material, with the first component based on a copolymer emulsion and the second part based on cement with inert admixtures.



Repair Resin Based Material with Fibres

NEOFAST CEM is a fast-drying cement-based repairing material. It contains fibres, specialty polymer adhesive material in a powder form and various inert admixtures with mixed particle size distribution.

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Neogypsum Therm

Fibre Cement Based Plaster
neogypsum therm

NEOGYPSUM THERM is a ready to use plaster with a cement base. It can be applied directly on bricks as a first coat. It contains construction gypsum, perlite, fibres and other inert admixtures.

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Colour Manufacturing and Floor surfaces

STAMPOTEX is a product that creates colour effects when applied on freshly coated concretes or plasters. It also reinforces floor surfaces. Its surface hardens completely, a property that increases its resistance.

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Neostrong Pair N2

High Demands Repair Material
neopair strong

NEOSTRONGPAIR N2 is a cement-based material, with fibres, specialty powder-form polymer adhesive ingredient, and other inert admixtures of mixed particle size distribution.

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Neofast Pair N3

Fast-Drying Corroded Concrete Repair Material
neopair strong

NEOFASTPAIR N3 is a fast-drying cement-based material. It contains fibres, specialty powder-form polymer adhesive ingredient, and other inert admixtures of mixed particle size distribution.

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