Crack Fillers


Crack and Joint Filler

CRACKSTOP is a special copolymer emulsion-based paste used for cracks and joints filling. Its high elasticity and its insulation properties provide a wide range of applications (plaster boards, rrainwaterpipes, joints). It can fill up to 1.50 cm…

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Filler for Large Cracks, Joints and Gaps

CRACKSFILL is a copolymer emulsion- based thick paste used for filling large cracks, joints and gaps. It has higher viscosity than ARMOFILL so it is used to cover even larger cracks and it does not slide. It has high elasticity and it is water resistant.

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Large Cracks and Joints Filler

CERAMFILL is a specialty copolymer, emulsion-based paste with polystyrene grains, ideal for filling large crevices, joints and gaps, as well as providing thermal insulation (on roof tile joints or ventilation or sunlight shafts).

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Neofiller Exterior Grey

Touch-up Filler with a Powder

NEOFILLER EXTERIOR GREY is a fine, plaster based, outdoor filler for use on plaster surfaces, wood, stone and many
more. It is used to prepare the surface prior to painting. It is ideal for crevices, holes and cracks.

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Neofiller Interior White

Touch-up Cement-based Filler with Powder foam
Neofiller white

NEOFILLER INTERIOR WHITE is a fine, cement-based, indoor filler for use on plaster surfaces, wood, stone and many more. It is used to prepare the surface prior to painting. It is ideal for crevices, holes and cracks. It is easy to mix and use.

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Premixed Acrylic Spatoula Filler

SPATOULEX is a copolymer, emulsion and inert admixtures-based premixed filler. It is highly resistant to humidity and it is not affected by concrete alkali. It does not alter the coating colour over time, it is easy to apply and work with.

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