Nanotechnology Products

Neonano Elastic Paint

Paint with Nano-Globules

NEONANO ELASTIC PAINT is a paint that contains nano-globules that reflect direct heat radiation. As a result, the heat does not pass through the exterior of the house and keeps the indoor temperature low during summer while it retains heat during winter.

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Neonano Primer

Acrylic Primer with nano globules
neonano primer

NEONANO PRIMER is an acrylic emulsion-based primer mainly used to improve the weak or loose parts of surfaces before applying the main coat of paint. It contains nano-globules, which due to their fine-grain distribution, increase the penetrability of the product.

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Neonano Varnish

Indoor and Outdoor use Varnish

NEONANO VARNISH is a water-soluble diluted protective varnish suitable for wooden surfaces such as doors, windows, railings, pergolas etc. It has high elasticity and penetration capability. It contains nano-globules which increase its adhesive and waterproofing properties.

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Neonano Proof

Insulation through Nanotechnology
neonano proof

NEONANO PROOF is an insulation material with high contents of acrylic resin. It contains nano-globules which due to their extremely small size penetrate the substrate by sealing all porous and by perfectly insulating and waterproofing the substrate.

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