Neoepoxy Varnish

Two component water based epoxy varnish

NEOEPOXY VARNISH is a two-component high-quality water-based epoxy varnish. It has high resistance to mechanical loads, acids, alkali, oil-based materials and to mild chemicals and cleaning products.

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Neokiller Varnish

Fungicidal water varnish

NEOKILLER VARNISH is a fungicidal water varnish which is used to eliminate fungi and microorganisms in general. It prevents the development of bacteria that are destructive to wood.

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Neoaqua Varnish Gloss & Mat

Outdoor/Indoor use water varnish

NEOAQUA VARNISH GLOSS & MAT is a water-soluble protective varnish, ideal for wood surfaces e.g. doors, window frames, banisters, pergolas etc. It has high elasticity, flexibility and penetrative abilities.

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Polyurethane Varnish

Polyurethane water varnish

POLYURETHANE VARNISH is a water based polyurethane varnish suitable for wood surfaces e.g. staircases, wood floors etc. It has high elasticity, flexibility and penetrative abilities.

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Neoshine Polyurethane Varnish

Polyurethane protective varnish

NEOSHINE POLYURETHANE VARNISH is a protective varnish suitable for concrete, fair face, decorative coatings and generally on any kind of surface, walls and floors included.

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Neostone Shine

Stone and Concrete acrylic varnish
neostone shine

NEOSTONE SHINE is a colourless acrylic varnish suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is penetrative with special admixtures that provide the product resistance to UV sun radiation.

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Neostone Silicone

Water repelant silicone
NEOSTONE silicone

NEOSTONE SILICONE is a silicone-based concentrate for protecting outdoor and indoor alkali surfaces. It is highly penetrative. Once dried, it forms a waterproofing shield which prevents the penetration of water and humidity.

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Water primer for wood and metal

NEO-UNDERCOAT is a water-soluble primer suitable for wood and metal surfaces such as doors, window frames, banisters, pergolas etc. It has high elasticity, it is flexible and high adhesive on substrates.

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Neofinish Gloss & Mat Paint

Water based oil paint

NEOFINISH GLOSS & MAT PAINT is a water-based paint suitable for wood and metal surfaces such as doors, window frames, banisters, pergolas etc. It has high elasticity, it is flexible and penetrative.

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Neosilres NE-73

Water repellent for walls

NEOBUILD NE-73 is a water specialty, modified silane emulsion-based varnish. It provides the surface with high water-repellent properties. It can be applied on cement-material of any kind, on stones, tiles joints etc.

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