Insulating – Waterproofing


Neowater Stop A&B

Insulating Spreadable Two-Component Material

NEOWATER STOP is a two-component spreadable elastic cement-based material for long term roof and balcony insulation with high adhesiveness on cement and plaster. It consists of black and/or white cement…

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Neowater Proof

Spreadable Hybrid Polytherane Insulating Material
neowater proof

NEOWATERPROOF is a hybrid, insulating, waterproofing material based on polyurethane and acrylic resins that create a high-elastic film protecting the surface from humidity and severe weather conditions.

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Neoseal Proof

Hybrid Polyurethane Insulation
neoseal proof

NEOSEAL PROOF is a hybrid, waterproofing material based on polyurethane and acrylic resins that form an elastic film protecting the surface from humidity and severe weather conditions.

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Sun Proofing Acrylic Waterproofing Sealant

REFLEX is a specially formulated product, ideal for waterproofing and heat-proofing. It provides fast results on surfaces like tin metal, aluminium, galvanised steel, insulating asphalt sheets, asphalt insulations.

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Reflex Keramidi

Sun Proofing Acrylic Waterproofing Material
reflex keramidi

REFLEX KERAMIDI is a specially formulated product, ideal for waterproofing. It provides fast results on surfaces like tin metal, aluminium, galvanised steel, insulating asphalt sheets, asphalt insulations.

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Alex Seal

Acrylic Waterproofing Elastomer
Alex seal

ALEX SEAL is a copolymer emulsion-based waterproofing material (for roof, verandas, flower planters) which forms a solid membrane that is durable in severe weather conditions and air pollution.

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Insulating Cement Mortar

NEOSEAL is a cement mortar-based mixture with inert material and specialty admixtures which provide excellent waterproofing coverage. It provides complete water insulation, great mechanical resistance and…

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Aluminium Paint

NEOLUX is a sun-proofing and decorative roof coating. It can be applied on asphalt surfaces but also on metal surfaces. It has a high UV ray reflective factor and reduces…

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Sealing Coating

ASBESTOSEAL is a high quality acrylic elastomeric material, specially formulated to seal and insulate asbestos sheets and boards (Asbestos Encapsulation). ASBESTOSEAL’s protective layer…

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Lava Proof

Hybrid Polyurethane Water Thermal Insulation Material

LAVA PROOF is a hybrid insulation material, based on polyurethane-acrylic resin and microspheres, with the ability of forming a very elastic membrane that protects the surface from humidity and severe weather conditions.

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Thermo Paint

Thermal Insulation Paint with Microspheres

THERMO PAINT elastomeric paint with a high content of acrylic resins that enhance the product’s adhesive capacity and elasticity, high resistance to UV radiation and moisture, excellent fluidity and coverage.

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