Thermal Insulations

Drastically reduce heating and cooling costs with the Neotherm complete outdoor thermal insulation system.

This system can be used on new or existing houses, by coating the exterior of the building with a thermal insulation material, typically made with expanded or extruded polystyrene, which is plastered with a special insulation coating. The construction procedure is of very high quality with the use of structural support tools, such as corner beads to protect the building edges, drip edge water flashing, as well as plastering fibreglass mesh throughout the surface that will be coated.

With this special application of the Neotherm insulation system, all parts of the building get an optimum thermal shielding.  This way, thermal loss from the exterior walls or outside heat entering the building during the summer are minimised. At the same time, the exterior look of the building is improved, with a beautiful new colour from the wide selection of colours and finishing textures by Neochrom

Save energy once and for all with the application of the Neotherm complete outdoor insulation system.

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